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Monday, December 03, 2007

Hair Coloring – for Stylish and Smart Looking Guys

Now-a-days hair coloring is a trend fashion. Fashionable and stylish person looks smarter by hair coloring. But it depends on their complexion. Choose the right color. Your hair color should match with your complexion. So, always take proper suggestion from beautician before hair coloring. Here are some ideas on hair coloring:-

Pale skin - Any hair color will look good on pale skin.

Pink skin - If you have pink color skin, then try to avoid shades of red or blonde. Select ash tones which neutralize your coloring.

Sallow skin – Try to use deep reds and avoid gold, yellow or orange tones.

Olive skin – If your have olive complexion then apply dark colors and add red or brown shades.

Commercial hair tones may make coloring your hair easily, but it can be damaged your hair, because it always made with chemical substance. It may even create a risk to your physical and mental health. So, try to avoid chemical hair colors and consider homemade hair tones.

1. To making dark brown hair a homemade hair color can be created by using walnut husks and water. Boil the husks in water for fifteen minutes. After that strain the mixture and apply the liquid to color your hair.

2. To get red hair mix kool aid powder with a little water and apply to the hair. Timing will depend on how bright you want the color.

Don't forget to do a patch test first before making your own homemade hair dye to make sure you don't have any allergic reaction.

After Care Tips – If you want to refresh your hair color; then you can use color-enhancing herbal shampoo and conditioner once in a week.
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Yes I like too the different shades of color. It gives a different shape of your look. Thanks for your tips. Especially the home made formula of preparing hair color. I will try out this.
Anonymous navin, at 7:18 PM  

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