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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

SRK with Fair and handsome Video

Hey, did you watch the television commercial ad of Fair and Handsome fairness cream featuring Shahrukh Khan which was first time spaced on the month of August 2007? I think Shahrukh has once more mesmerized us with his ever charming attitude and wonderful aesthetic personality of attracting his viewers. Although he is now at his 40s, but still we can feel his exotic aura of energy and charms at once he appears onscreen. This has again happen when we saw him in the ad. His magnificent charisma and superlative energy performance can provide any young actors a sense of insecurity at the Bollywood industry. Thus, Shahrukh Khan remains one of Bollywood’s ageless delightful personalities.
King Khan even chopped his little pony and sports his new look at the commercial with two young co-actors. Just like there was a huge wave of controversies revolved around SRK after he was seen flaunting with beautiful ladies in the Lux commercial, this time again he was flooded with arguments. Many people saw this advertisement as a discriminating factors based on skin colour; but the main objective of the ad was to make the male society aware that all through these years, they have been using a women’s fairness cream which was basically useless for their skin type and Shahrukh Khan even wanted to progress the Indian males towards metrosexuality.

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Hi Blogger,
Thanks for the post. This is the first time I saw the ad. It is quite attractive and SRK is looking fabulous.
Anonymous nikita4u, at 2:47 PM  
yes, I’ve seen it almost regularly whenever I switch on the tv. Srk is looking good. Basically, I’m against any kind of fairness cream. but I think in this case its fine. After all it competes not only with male fairness cream segment but also with female dominated fairness cream market.
Anonymous soham, at 7:02 PM  

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