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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Comments on Shahrukh Khan and Fair and Handsome

Hey, did you saw the new Fair and Handsome commercial featuring Shahrukh Khan? There were a lot of comments after the ad was aired for the first time in the month of August 2007. I would like to quote few of those comments which were passed by critics. The first one goes like this:
“….As expected its pretty horrendous and for a lack of a better word, idiotic. The actor may never read my tirade about him endorsing Fair and Handsome, but endorsing the cream is pitiable and not expected from an intelligent man like him….”
Another comment is as follows:
“When the reigning star of Hindi cinema publicly endorses a cream that openly advocates fairness, lightness of skin, as desirable, nay necessary, it is a damn bad show. How could he do it?”
An additional two:
“Television commercials for Fair and Handsome, airing in August, show Shah Rukh, lauding a product that many see as entrenching discrimination based on skin colour by encouraging people to bleach themselves a lighter hue.”
“The brand gives an impression that the users are having a lack of confidence and feels insecure and have less self esteem.”
For so many years, fairness cream was ruled by women either to get a job or to get married with a handsome person. But none came to criticize those ad concepts of fairness creams. It even showed ads where a lady can’t dance because she lacks in confidence. Once she started using fairness creams, her confidence level increases to such a height that she won the one place. Wasn’t that an act of “entrenching discrimination based on skin colour” or an act of showing “lack of confidence”? Then why didn’t the critics said anything?
The first company who took a smart decision to launch fairness cream is Emami Group. The basic idea to make an herbal fairness cream is that, men’s skins are much rough and tough than women’s soft skin. The products which would be beneficial for soft skin, is not at all helpful for a rough skin. So, they launched an herbal fairness cream which would be helpful for men. So their intention was not discriminate skin colour, but to launch a more powerful fairness cream which would be beneficial for men.

Now, please comment on the logic behind these critics’ views.
Natural Care, 8:41 PM


Previously Shahrukh has done an ad with LUX soap with many bollywood actresses. Now he is the first actor of bollywood who is endorsing a fairness cream for men. I think people will accept him due to his charismatic presentation. I think King Khan choose the right way.
Anonymous G. ford, at 3:06 PM  
He is looking good and thanks to him as he had cut his long hairs. But I agree with your views. In India, most of the men want that his would-be wife/girlfriend should be beautiful and fair. So why not we ladies become demanding about a fair and a good looking man as boyfriend or hubby. Is there any rule that, fair skin should signify only female but not male?
Anonymous meena, at 7:51 PM  

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