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Friday, June 15, 2007


Now-a-days hair stylists can do wonders to your hair. Although, men are more casual and less bothered about their hair styles, but they can do a lot of experiments, if they want. A right hair style and a right cut can grow up your confidence level and can bring contentment to you. Here, I like to portray some of the basic styling for men, which you can follow:

1. Burr: It’s the most easy hair cuts during the hot summer months. The hair length is around half an inch to one eighth all over the head. You hardly have to look after it. It’s the least maintenance hair style.

2. Crew cut: Next is the crew cut. It is more suitable of those with oval facial shape and normal sized heads. In this style, the hair is cut short on the sides and at the back. On top, the length is although a bit bigger than the sides. Those with big ears are not at all recommended. It even suits those with thin hair texture.

3. High and Tights: These are mostly found among US marines. The sides of the head are completely shaved off and the top are generally cut in a short flat top of around one fourth to one seventh inches long.

4. Short taper: The top hairs are slightly longer than the sides, which are quite short, especially above the ears.

5. Layer cut: The hair should look muddled with a combination of long and short for lifting up the top. Use razors for trimming it down. Sides are shorter, than the top.

6. Medium Layer: The sides and the back are cut slightly short than the rest. Back combing of this types, gives a stylish look.

7. Shag: This is also known as long layers, where the hairs are cut with a razor. The sides and front hairs should be irregular to give a bit messy look.
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I never knew the cut of my hair, as because my hair stylish knows very well what suits me the best and he do it accordingly without uttering a word or even asking me. But after reading your post, I think, at present I am wearing a layer cut. Thanks for the post.
Anonymous rocky, at 1:43 PM  
well this is a good idea if you are of the younger generation but it would be nice to see some advice on some sophisticated hair styles .However I would love to hear how to do more hair styles, easy to do, and doesn't take that long. Pictures also would have been nice, a visual where you could see what your hair is supposed to look like when your finished. I think One of the simplest and easy hairstyles to maintain is a short trendy hairstyle that is easily manageable, looks sexy and is often in fashion.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:44 PM  

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