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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Make Astringent at Home

The word ‘astringent’ came from the Latin word “astringere”, which means “to bind fast”. It is specially used to remove the last trace of grease and to tighten the pores to remove excess oil from the skin.
Strong astringent are never good for dry skin, as it makes the skin much drier. So, a mild astringent is much more helpful in case of dry skin.
You can even make astringent at home. Some of the recipes are as follows:
1. Slice lemon and orange into thin layers and then place them into blender with rubbing alcohol. Make puree of the fruits by blending it for about a minute and then strain the mixture through a strainer into the jar. You can keep this astringent up to half a year.
2. Mix fresh sage leaves, dried chamomile, witch hazel and two-three teaspoon of apple cider vinegar into a tightly closed jar. Shake it well and keep aside for a week, shaking once in a day. After a week, strain it thoroughly for the natural home made astringent.
3. Mix lemon juice, witch hazel, alcohol and peppermint. Then stain the liquid into an air-tight bottle.
4. Grate some cucumber and strain the juice from it. Then apply the juice to your face for natural astringent. It helps in toning and tightening of the skin.
5. Lemon itself is a strong astringent. So, it is always wise to dilute it into water and then use it. Be careful with your eyes.
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