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Monday, March 05, 2007

New fashion for men

Recently, I was watching Eminem in a music video and he made me numbed. The amount of jewellery that he wore was much more than what I or my friends wear. But finally, I must admit that he was looking extremely handsome.
The whole environment around us has a fresh feeling of new fashion trend for men with heavy bracelets, ear rings, bangles, pendants, necklace, finger rings, cufflinks etc. Other than Eminem, famous Indian music director, Bappi Lahiri is one such another example, who loves to wear jewellery. I went to a party last night and watched those fashion conscious men out there. They not only stuck to the traditional jewellery, but also had some innovative way of wearing them. Like, a guy was having a pierced ring in nose and one in eye brow. Even I saw a man wearing a ring in tongue.
Since today’s “METROSEXUAL” men are more conscious about their looks, so men’s jewellery is approaching more towards centre stage in the fashion world. They want themselves to be well groomed and look sophisticated.
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