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Monday, January 15, 2007

Parameters of handsome men through women's eye

When we talk about a handsome man the common picture that comes in our mind a tall and smart man with good physique. But guys do you know really how women define their handsome men? I’ve taken a survey and according to that most women think personality and nature are the two most valuable things that a guy should have to be called as handsome man. It’s very surprising that they even don’t go for look first……hmmm interesting. Women think confidence level in a man reflects his personality. Whether a man is good looking but with less confidence shouldn’t be called as handsome.

Tall and good looking men can obviously attract women with their appealing look but there are also so many things that a man should have to be called as a complete man. Those are how he speaks, whether the man has positive attitudes in his life or not. A very important thing is that how he respects women. So all these things will come under the nature of a man what I stated earlier. So guys!! A gym made body, a stylish hair style could give you a smart look obviously but don’t think that’ll enough to make you handsome. Along with maintaining your body and style you need to look after the internal thinks also. Take care of your intelligence, your outlook and try to be a complete man. All the best!!
Natural Care, 1:27 PM


Hmm… quite an informative post. I even noticed that women of this era want their men to be really humble and should have good sense of humor other than intelligent and the other points that you have mentioned.
Anonymous pattie, at 2:07 PM  
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Anonymous miki, at 1:37 PM  
Hey Pattie, don’t make your statement generalized…because I am 16 years old and I like men with huge muscles and great body rather than humble. If you love your man to have good sense of humor, then go and marry Donald Duck rather than Hritik Roshan. Ha ha ha!
Anonymous ahora, at 2:09 PM  
Yes, you are right Ahora, but would you prefer professor with a very strong “no non-sense” personality? I don’t think so…even your muscle man need to have atleast a bit of sense of humor; or else you yourself would feel boring just looking at his biceps for long hours.
Anonymous pattie, at 5:24 PM  

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