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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Hollywood handsome actors’ vs. Bollywood actors

In recent news we’ve seen that 45years old Hollywood handsome actor George Clooney has won title of ‘The Sexiest Man alive’ of this year. He had been choosing by ‘People Magazine’. It was his second times achievement in his acting life. In bollywood Amitabh Bachchan grabs the no. 1 position in top 10 Most Handsome Actor’s Survey.

Being an international stage the Hollywood actors/actresses are easily get the chance to be world famous stars. In case of Bollywood actors generally they were go around in national level. But thanks to media and international production houses who helped Indian films to launch globally. The Bollywood actors’ popularity is increased day by day in out side India.
There is no doubt that Hollywood actors are so handsome that they would become style icons of the youth. But there is also no reason to ignore the bollywood actors’ glamour in comparison to Hollywood stars. Now they are equally competing with them (Hollywood actors). Salman khan is rated as no. 7 good looking guy in the world. Last month Abhishek Bachchan rated as Sexiest Man in Asia. The list of achievements by bollywood actors at international platform is not end at this point. I wish them best of luck for future.
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