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Monday, November 13, 2006

Men’s hair care

We know very well that today’s men are very much cautious about their grooming or style and hair is one of the important parts of it which need to be nurture carefully. Always cut the hair according to shape of your face and type of your hair. There are found various hair types like oily, dry, normal, straight and curly or combination of any of them. Clean and wash your hair regularly to make it healthy. Here are few steps to care your hair i.e. Washing, Toning, Conditioning, Grooming and Style. Wash hair is must be in your daily routine. You must massage softly through all over your scalp after wash. It helps to release natural oils from sebaceous glands.
Conditioner is must be listed in your hair care products. You have to be very careful when you purchase it. Always buy a good quality herbal conditioner to moisturize your hair.
Next is brushing and combing with round and natural bristles which are the parts of hair grooming. Lastly style your hair as you desire or which make you feel comfortable and easy to maintain.

Hair loss-

Hair loss or baldness is commonly noticeable in men. Basically it comes from the family history of both father and mother side. Beside this there are several reasons like hormonal problem, over stress, illness, dandruff, chemical based stuffs etc.
Improper care also leads excessive hair loss. Before starting the treatment you have to be found the exact cause of hair fall or consult with specialist.

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I am more inclined to Rakesh Roshan, Baba Saigal and Firoz Khan than our long haired Bollywood actors, like Hritik Roshan and John Abraham. Sometimes ago, people were scared of becoming bald, so they used to put lots of stuffs to keep their hair in perfect order. But now, the concept had changed and many prefer baldness. I myself had done so, and I think I look quite hot in it.
Anonymous James, at 8:36 PM  

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