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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Men’s fashion

Earlier, men were much more gadget freak, rather than fashion. But this concept had entirely changed. Approximately every man in today’s world is getting too fashion conscious. They know what suits them the most, including men’s wear, watches, accessories, wallet, shoes, ties, etc. Now most of the men speak about bands like Gucci, Versace, and Armani, by regularly watching fashion shows to know the latest trend in men’s fashion; which used to lack previously. They want to compete with women in the field of fashion; so they often visit salons for doing the girly bits and pieces, like waxing, facial, piercing etc.
Not only men are cognizant about what they wear, but they are also conscious about their skin. So they regularly go for cleaning, toning and moisturizing their skin. Men had even started experimenting on hair. Almost on every alternate month, they go to the salon for a complete new hair style, sometimes asymmetric hair cut, sometimes long, sometimes curly, sometimes spikes and even sometimes bold with a tattoo done right on the top of the head. I even saw some men who are always in confusion, whether to have beard or not. But there are many styles of beard, like the chin curtain, the goatee, the goatee with moustache, the soul patch, the fu Manchu, the maharaja style mustache, mutton chops and finally the full beard. Many men even prefer to be clean shaved.
So with the change of time, men’s attraction towards fashion is quite admirable and eye catching. We may term it as “globalization in terms of fashion among men”.
Natural Care, 8:30 PM


Hey blogger, you are so correct. I am a big eye witness of this concept. It is really astonishing when I saw that two male friends of mine were competing with one another about how good they can look to woo a girl. They actually went to shopping at first and then to salon to get a complete make over. It’s good to see them in a stunning new form.
Anonymous Jimmy, at 3:47 PM  

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