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Thursday, November 30, 2006


In early days, moustaches were the symbol of a man’s status and his pride. As a man increases in his rank, his moustache becomes thicker and much bushier. – This is the history of moustache, which is quite interesting.
Men are always in dilemma whether to wear a moustache or not. There are associations like World Beard and Moustache Association, whose purpose is to encourage the universal admiration of beards and moustaches.
Moustache had now become a part of men’s facial decoration. They style their moustache and beard accordingly. Here are the lists of some of the styles:

The Chin Curtain – it is grown along the jaw line and covers the chin completely. Abraham Lincoln was the individual who made this moustache famous.

The Goatee – it is quite popular among the actors, heroes and even musicians. It is grown in the chin combined with a clean shaved head or with small hair style. This goatee can even be worn with a moustache.

The soul patch – it is worn just below the lower lip and above the chin. These moustaches were most popular among the jazz artists in 1950s and 1960s. The shape varies from horizontal to vertical. Some of the famous persons who wore it are Bruce Springsteen and Aamir Khan.

The Handlebar Moustache – it is a really interesting moustache. The handlebar moustache is distinguished by the truth that it must be worn long enough to curl the ends of the moustache upward. The curling is done by the help of specialized styling wax.

Fu Manchu style – it is extended downwards passing the mouth on either side of the chin. In modern time, the moustache is given different shape and size at the bottom.

The toothbrush – it is a bushy moustache placed in the centre of the lips, having three to five centimeters in length. Rather than tapered, the side of the moustache is vertical. The two most famous person who worn the moustache are Adolf Hitler and Charlie Chaplin.

Walrus – it is thick and bushy in characteristics, which hang down over the upper lips, typically curling up towards the end. Australian cricketer, Merv Hughes wears it.

But having a clean shaven face never goes out of style. If you are confused about what type of style to wear and what would your facial structure suit the most, I would personally recommend cleanest looking style of facial hair, which is shaving the whole facial hair. This style gives a fresh, elegant and preppy looks.
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Wonderful!! Very much instructive. I haven’t found such informative information about moustaches yet. I used to have moustache. But on later I felt I would look better without having it.
Anonymous Ankush Sinha, at 8:05 PM  
Yes, it’s true that the status of the men was considered with the shape and size of the moustache. The King and Zamindar we’ve found in history, most of them were famous with their large and well managed moustaches. You have mentioned different styles of moustaches and beards. I think the two personalities Adolf Hitler and Charlie Chaplin were only suitable in Toothbrush styled moustache, it won’t be fit in any others face. You’ve also mentioned that Australian cricketer Merv Hughes had walrus type of moustache. But now a days it’s very rare to see that type of style…yes it’s quite difficult to maintain.
Anonymous brian, at 2:11 PM  
hey blogger I found this posting is most interesting, especially where you’ve define various kinds of mustache with pictures. Good job man.
Anonymous s.jackson, at 3:49 PM  

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