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Friday, September 08, 2006

Growing Demand of Fairness cream in Men:

The growing demand of different cosmetics and skin care products for men proves that Men are now taking care of their skin. They’re using different skin care products to protect their skin from sun and everyday’s pollution. Especially the Indian Men, they didn’t think anything beyond an aftershave lotion and a perfume or body deodorant. But now they’re going to beauty parlours.

Good and healthy looking face is the key of attraction. According to
IndiaDaily , The surprise upsurge in demand for male grooming products like fairness creams has opened a whole new segment for FMCG players. What began with the success story of Emami's fairness cream for men, ''Fair and Handsome'', has almost become an inspiration for others, who will hit the market with similar products soon. Fair and Handsome clocked sales of Rs 16 crore in the first 11 months of its launch and is expected to generate as much as Rs 65-70 crore in the current fiscal, Emami Director Mohan Goenka said.

Telegraphindia says, market research now reveals that 32 per cent (some estimates say 28-30 per cent) of the buyers of fairness creams are men, not women. In the interests of fairness, some cosmetics manufacturers have announced that the whitening ingredients in fairness creams are formulated to work on women’s skins; men need a different formula. And they’re getting it: this week, Emami became the first company to launch a fairness cream specifically for men, called Fair and Handsome.
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Remember those portraits of the male characters in the famous books Mills and Boons? They were sketched as "tall, dark and handsome". Sometimes ago, it was quite difficult for us to think beyond it. Earlier, it was obvious that a man ought to be dark to look handsome. But now, men think like women. Isn’t it sarcastic? I think men look handsome, if their skin is tanned. It feels so horrible when I see in a unisexual parlour that a man is just sitting beside me, doing facial and bleach.
But one thing which is quite sure is that, with the invention of men’s fairness cream, some men can save money, which were earlier spend on bleach and facial.
Blogger Eshani Sen, at 7:13 PM  
I am having a friend, Nandini. She is simple, intelligent, smart and a charming lady. She is now 33 years old and is working in a bank. For the past six years, her father is searching for a well cultured family to get her daughter Nandini married. The only problem behind her marriage is, “SHE IS DARK IN COMPLEXION”. Can you accept this fact? But, unfortunately, this is the truth.
Nandini came from a very cultured family who are completely against dowry system, just like her daughter. So, they are facing quite a huge amount of trouble regarding her marriage. Isn’t it shocking? But this is the hard core truth if a girl is not having a fair complexion.
Till now, it is quite unpleasant when a girl hang herself as because she is dark in complexion and her father is incompetent to get her married. Girls are not Barbie doll. They have their own identity, their own self-esteem. I would never like to encourage those fairness creams, which promote their product only by underestimating ladies, as because they are dark in complexion. A women’s individuality is not in her complexion, but in her personality and in her confidence. We appreciate dark eyes, dark hair; then why can’t we accept dark skin?
Now in the market, a new product has been launched, Fairness Cream for men. Till all these decades, Nandini like women were been targeted by the fairness cream company; but from now onward, men are also being under fire. Don’t you find it ironic?
Blogger Dipti Mukherjee, at 8:39 PM  
Fairness cream for men! What a silly joke. Men and fairness does not match. It only goes with girls. A fair complexioned girl can easily divert the attention of others toward her. But incase of man attention depends on his personality, his attitude, way of talking etc. so why are they bothered about fairness?
Blogger koi apna, at 3:11 PM  

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